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Industrial Polymer Recycling

We recover industrial polymers and return them to the supply chain, Taking the plastic waste materials from manufacturing, commercial and municipal operations

Plaswire process scrap wheelie bins on behalf of local authorities ensure total destruction and 100% recovery of materials - PE, steel and rubber. Secure destruction of packaging and other materials from the medical and food industries and disposal by gasification in local cement kilns.

How we do it

Polymer Reprocessing Techniques


Shredding is the size reduction of materials - typically we shred to a size 50 x 50mm The shredder can have single, twin or quad spinning shaft configuration according to the type of material to be processed. Single shaft machines rely on a moving ram to force material against the bladed rotating shaft. Multi shaft machines pull in materials as they process.


We granulate materials by grinding them in a granulator to achieve a size that is suitable for adding directly into the manufacturing process or for final finishing by compounding into a graded raw material. The granulator is a chamber with fixed and rotating blades that grinds materials until they are fine enough to pass through a particular sized mesh screen The sizes vary and the machines are often designed for a specific feedstock material..


Films and thing sheets of polymers can be agglomerated using heat and high speed rotation of blades in a drum to create a ‘ready for process’ crumb granule. This process can be more efficient for films and sheet materials.


Our processes include shredding, granulation, agglomeration, washing and extrusion

Materials must be agreed and booked in before delivery to Plaswire. Telephone or email us.

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